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Industry: Pharma
Scope: Graphics & Way Finding Signages

Abott is a Leading pharma company, one among the top 10 pharma companies in the world.

As a company Abott focuses on developing a variety of life saving medicines and wanted their office to represent this key aspect of ‘healing’ in some form.

Inspired by India’s rich ancient cultures, science and medicine; the designs were developed on the concept of the ‘Seven Chakras of Life’. Each Chakra was represented graphically and a unique colour scheme was developed for each Chakra.

Coincidentally, the Abott India’s office has 7 floors and each floor was dedicated to one of the ‘Seven Chakras of Life’. The design was also adapted into Signages for 7 floors over stainless steel or acrylic.

While the entire office was India centric, Abott wanted to represent their multi-culture, multi-country presence. Keeping this in mind the VIP lounge area, Cafeterias, break out areas were designed depicting food from various part of the world.

Overall, 20,000 sq. foot of wall and glass graphics was designed and produced by JASRAS. We take pride in the fact that on this project we turned around the installation of a 2000 sq. foot wall in one night.

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