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Deltin Royal

Industry: Entertainment & Hospitality
Scope: Ambient graphics

Deltin Royal is the grandest casino in India. Deltin Royal is known for redefining the country’s gaming and hospitality services, featuring the largest casino and integrated resorts in exquisite handpicked locations.

Deltin chose Krsna Mehta, a young contemporary artist to design graphics for a large monolithic wall, about 10 feet tall and 45 feet wide. True to his style, Krsna created an intricate pattern with iconic ‘Indian Graphics and Symbols’ fused with the house of cards – Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts. At JASRAS we have the capability to print up to 80 feet at a stretch. We successfully printed and installed a single seamless wall graphic across the monolithic wall. Likewise we worked with them for various independent wall structures across their chain of casinos.

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