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Praj Industries

Industry: Energy
Scope: Graphics & External Facade

Praj Industries is headquartered in Pune and has established its presence across the globe in over 75 countries. Started over three decades ago, today Praj is a globally leading company with a bouquet of sustainable solutions for bioenergy, high purity water, critical process equipment, breweries and industrial wastewater treatment.

Being a company, that thrives on ‘sustainable solutions’, JASRAS’ environmentally friendly ink, material and processes were a quick hit with the client. All walls, pillars, column wraps, glass cabins & doors were printed and installed by our team. A particular external facade stretched across two floors in the front of their building, literally from the ground up till the second floor. We talk about this project with great pride as an installation of this size was one of a kind.

A total of 20,000 square foot of office branding and spatial graphics, from exterior facade to indoor brand communication was delivered by us; across three properties (two in Pune and one in Mumbai).

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