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Wockhardt Hospital

Industry: Health
Scope: Internal Way Finding Signages

Wockhardt Hospitals is one of the best hospitals in India with a strong presence in the western parts of the country.

Art has a lively-peaceful feel about it, perhaps that is why Wockhardt Hospital chose ‘art’ as the central theme while thinking about way finding signages across the hospital.

We took all the art forms (paintings), reprocessed them into artworks using a varied combination of paintings, to design the way finding signage for Wockhardt Hospital. Next, we ensured these designs were printed on the most premier and fine quality canvas – Fredrix artist print canvas; which gave the work an authentic art look. The look and feel were similar to something that an artist would achieve if painted by his hand.

Keeping the theme and choice of material in mind we took care that the installation idea enhanced the appeal. We chose to mount the way finding signages in the ‘Museum Style Stretcher Bars and Displayed Art’ format; where the prints were installed like painting would be installed in a museum. It was a highly satisfying project for JASRAS as we implemented the theme from design to installation; with thought, innovation and a great emphasis on the quality of output.

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