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Industry: Media & Entertainment
Scope: Spatial Branding & Glass Graphics

Zee TV is an Indian cable and satellite television channel, among the top 5 Hindi channels of the country.

Our client had a large set of designs, each unique is their own way – one because they were all different, and two because these designs were required to be installed in different ways. For example, there were banners running over the ceiling, column wraps expanding in to the ceiling, concave spaces, etc. While they envisioned the designs but were uncertain about how to implement it. That’s where JASRAS came into the picture. We instantly understood that the client was looking for a partner who will understand the nuances of the work at hand.

The very first thing we did is chose not to print over plastic or vinyl. We suggested a special textured, fabric based, seamless wall covering. This also helped bring an outstanding finishing to our work as the design were printed over seamless paper and installed without a break in the design.

Zee TV also wanted to avoid the use of transparency while printing for Glass Graphics. At JASRAS we have a unique technology that allows us to print at different translucent levels. Also printing a large spectrum of shades in ‘White Ink’ is our speciality. Putting our experience to work we made various permutation and combinations to achieve the right amount of translucency and shades of white to give the highest level of satisfaction.

We gradually transformed the work environment for Zee Tv office, Mumbai by branding approx. 15,000 square feet across 7 to 8 floors (both walls and glass).

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